2021 Ordinances

Ordinance Title Date Passed
2021-001 Amending Chapter 59 “Economic Development Commission”, Section 59.01 “Commission Created”, Subsection G “Meetings”. (Publication Date: 1/12/2021; Effective Date: 1/21/2021) 1/11/21
2021-002 Amending Chapter 65 “Citizens’ Community Enhancement Commission” by Adding New Section 65.05 “Meetings”. (Publication Date: 1/12/2021; Effective Date: 1/21/2021)   1/11/21
2021-003 Approving a Special Use Permit for a Parking Lot as a Principal Use when Located Within 300 Feet of the Use Served (1030 E. Locust Street – Nehring Electrical Works).  2/22/21
2021-004 Approving a Final Plat of Resubdivision, an Amended Final Development Plan, and Amended Development Standards for Goldframe, LLC for the Facebook Planned Development Site Along E. Gurler Road to Accommodate a ComEd Substation.  1/25/21
2021-005 Amending the Fiscal Year-End December 31, 2020 Budget.   2/22/21
2021-006 Approving an Amendment to the Special Use Permit for a Private Therapeutic Day School Approved by Ordinance 2020-015 for the Property Located at 900 E. Garden Street (Menta Group – Chesebro Elementary School).  2/22/21
2021-007 Approving a Zoning Map Amendment from the “HI” District to the “PD-I” District and Amending a Development Agreement – North Side of Gurler Road, East of S. First Street (Midland Trust Company – James Planey).  2/22/21
2021-008 Authorizing a Reimbursement in the Amount of $470,506.93 to Northern Illinois University for the Overpayment of 2020 Annual Contribution for Integrated Transit Services. 2/22/21
2021-009 Publishing the Official Zoning Map of the City of DeKalb.  3/8/21
2021-010 Amending Chapter 9 “Establishment of Fees”, Section 9.04 “Ambulance Service Fees”, in Order to Reflect Actual Costs of Providing Emergency Medical Transportation Service. (Publication Date: 3/9/2021; Effective Date: 3/18/2021) 3/8/21
2021-011 Amending Chapter 23 “Unified Development Ordinance”, Article 5.03 and Article 5.04 by Allowing Two-Family Attached Dwellings and Multiple Family Attached Dwellings Not Meeting the Minimum Lot Area Requirements as a Special Use in the “TFR” Two-Family Residential District and the “MFR1” Multi-Family Residential District. (Publication Date: 3/9/2021; Effective Date: 3/18/2021) 3/8/21
2021-012 Approving a Special Use Permit for Existing Antennas and Associated Equipment on Top of the 16-Story Building at 507 E. Taylor Street to Allow for an Upgrade of Communication Equipment (US Cellular). (Publication Date: 3/9/2021; Effective Date: 3/18/2021) 3/8/21
2021-013 Amending Chapter 24 “Building Code”, Article 3 “International Fire Code”, Section 307.1.2 “Burning of Leaves and Garden Debris” to Prohibit the Burning of Leaves.    Failed 3/22/21