Sustainability Plan

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The Citizens' Environmental Commission would like to share the following events with the community:

A flyer for the Climate Change In Our Backyards presentation

Will DeKalb top 125 degrees F by 2053?

Thirty years isn’t too far away. Could our own city, nestled comfortably in the Midwest, sheltered from the hurricanes of the southeast and the heat waves of the southwest, get impacted by weather extremes?

Join STEM Café and the DeKalb Citizens’ Environmental Commission for an eye-opening account of the current and future effects of climate change in DeKalb at the presentation entitled Climate Change in Our Backyards on Wednesday, September 21, at 6:30 p.m. 

NIU professors, Allison Michaelis, Ph.D., Alex Haberlie, Ph.D., and Courtney Gallaher, Ph.D., from the Department of Earth, Atmosphere, and Environment, will cover the areas of concern. 

Dr. Michaelis will first provide a "general knowledge" session on climate modeling, global change, and what these large-scale changes may mean for us in DeKalb. 

Dr. Haberlie will follow by talking about his current research on the regional impact of climate change on thunderstorm activity. 

But should we be concerned about extreme heat?

First Street Foundation, a non-profit research group, has predicted extremes of high heat in the Midwest by using datasets from the US Federal Government and other sources to show that the Extreme Danger heat index (above 125 degrees F) is expected to impact 107 million people in one-quarter of the U.S. by 2053, concentrated in the middle of the country where there are no coastal influences to mitigate extreme temperatures. (

Can the residents of DeKalb take personal action to modify these extreme effects of climate change?

Dr. Gallaher will conclude the presentation by explaining how every resident can take action on climate at a personal level, and what climate action looks like at an institutional level. She will demonstrate how NIU is engaging in climate action planning, and what is currently being done at the national and state levels. Learn how the city of DeKalb could get more involved in this process. 

This is an online event only, and registration is required at

Learn the facts and be prepared.

The DeKalb County Health Department has officially posted dates for the annual Solid Waste Recycling Events for the year 2022. All events are hosted at the DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport from 9am-12pm.

Textile/Clothing, Electronics, and Aerosol Product Collection: Saturday, September 24th, 2022. Includes clothing items, household textiles (sheets, curtains), books, spray paints, hair spray, small propane tanks, electronic, and small appliance items.