Airport Updates

Newly Finished Taxiway Charlie and Runway 2-20


As of July 2022, the DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport is proud to announce the reopening of Runway 2/20 and parallel Taxiway, Charlie. As the airport's primary runway for jet and other large aircraft, both pavements were in need of repair and resurfacing. 

The completion of these projects ensures the airport's goal of continuing to be a premier General Aviation airport for the Northern Illinois region. DeKalb Airport is proud to offer these new surfaces to serve all aircraft who utilize the airfield. With these sections of the airport newly refurbished, DKB affords:

  • Improved serviceability and 20-year useful life of the runway pavement through the comprehensive pavement rehabilitation project.
  • Elimination of foreign object damage to increase aircraft safety.
  • Improved runway skid resistance as a grooved bituminous pavement.

With the upcoming EAA AirVenture fly-in and airshow in Oshkosh, WI, we are excited to provide our brand new surfaces to traffic arriving from across the nation who are traveling to OSH!