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Online safety is a big priority today.  Below is a link to a PDF from the Department of Homeland Security called Five Everyday Steps Towards Online Safety.

Passwords are critical to online safety.  Below is a document on some helpful tips for good password habits.  To create strong passwords, one helpful tip is to use 3 random words.  This is because longer passwords are stronger.

Email is one of, if not the most, often way malicious software is installed.  Attackers use carefully crafted Emails to lure a victim into clicking a malicious link or file.  This attack is called Phishing.  It is important to have a healthy level of suspicion when using Email.  Phishing Emails can appear to come from a company or person you know (the From Address on an Email can be easily modified).  If something doesn't seem right, contact the person or company by phone or in person before clicking any links or opening any attachments.  Below is a link from US CERT on Phishing and Social Engineering: