Police Department


700 West Lincoln Highway
DeKalb, IL 60115


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911 Misdials
If you misdial 911, stay on the line and talk to the call taker. Explain that you misdialed and that everything is okay. If the telecommunicator calls you back, do not hang up. This will generate a police response. The intent of the response is to check your residence and make sure everything is okay. It is important to teach children when to use 911 and that by calling 911 when there is no emergency takes personnel away from a real emergency.

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Administration Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Petragallo, John Interim Police Chief 815-748-8421
Woodruff, Craig Commander 815-748-8175
Meier, Penny Administrative Assistant 815-748-8411

Communications Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Marz, LaToya Communications Coordinator 815-748-8418

Crime Free Housing 

Name Title Email Phone
Leoni, Carl Crime Free Housing Coordinator 815-748-2374
Larson, Rita Office Associate 815-748-8435

Investigations Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Redel, Bob Commander 815-748-8441

Patrol Division 

Name Title Email Phone
Lekkas, Steve Commander 815-748-8440
Leverton, Jason Commander 815-748-8429
Sullivan, Kelly Community Services/Training Coordinator 815-748-8446

Records Division 



Name Title Email Phone
Henderson, Emily Records Supervisor 815-748-8415