Public Hearings

Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearings

The purpose of a public hearing is to provide individuals the opportunity to express their views and provide evidence in support of those views, regarding a petition before the Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC). These opinions and evidence create the record, which the PZC relies upon for its deliberation and recommendation. The PZC's recommendation and record are then considered by the City Council, which makes the final determination (variance requests are determined by the PZC only).

Hearing Date
23 Oct 2019Petitioner:  DeKalb 343 LLC, represented by Jerry Krusinski of Krusinski Construction Company
Property located East of State Route 23, North of Gurler Road, West of Crego Road, and South of I-88
Petition by DeKalb 343 LLC, represented by Jerry Krusinski of Krusinski Construction Company, for approval of an amendment to Ordinance No. 06-109 and Ordinance 06-107 in relation to the preliminary plan and plat, development guidelines, roadway access, roadway improvements, phasing plan, landscape standards, signage, subdivision and development plan approval and other amendments as needed in order to accommodate an approximate 1,222,400 square foot distribution center and a 466,560 square foot packing center as shown on the site plan made part of the zoning application. The area effected by the proposed amendments is approximately 72 acres out of a total site area of approximately 343 acres.

23 Oct 2019
Petitioner:  BQ Enterprises, Inc.
700 Peace Road
Petition by BQ Enterprises, Inc., an Illinois Corporation for approval of a Zoning Map Amendment from the “LI” Light Industrial District to the “PD-I” Planned Development – Industrial District to allow for a medical cannabis dispensary and consideration to approve a Planned Development less than two acres and a medical cannabis dispensary in a multi-tenant building and other approvals as required to accommodate the proposed use.  

Planning and Zoning Commission meetings are broadcast live on Government Access Cable Television Channel 14 (GATV 14) and posted after the meeting ends at The Official City of DeKalb, Illinois Municipal Government Video YouTube Channel.

If you have questions, please contact the Community Development Department at (815) 748-2060.