Unified Development Ordinance (Zoning)

CityAbout the Ordinance

The City of DeKalb Municipal Code Chapter 23: Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) was originally adopted by the City Council in 1993. The UDO’s purpose is to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the residents of the City of DeKalb through the regulation of zoning, subdivisions, and land use.

The UDO is a living document, evolving with the needs and desires of the City and its citizenry in response to changing community goals and objectives, newly emerging development trends and technologies, and changes to local, state and federal regulations. From time to time, the City Council adopts amendments to the UDO.


The UDO consolidates all regulations that govern development in DeKalb:


Online access to the UDO is for informational purposes only. Every effort is made to provide complete and accurate information; however, some time lapses between amendment adoption and online updates. Do not rely upon the online UDO for use in any legal proceeding. The official copy of the UDO is available for review at the City of DeKalb City Hall at 164 E. Lincoln Highway, DeKalb, IL.

For More Information

To inquire about specific permit requirements and procedures, including zoning regulations and uses, please email  the Planning Director, Dan Olson, or call the Community Development Department at 815-748-2361.