Engineering Services

A Message From the City Engineer
The Engineering Department comprises of technical staff of civil engineers, a surveyor, an engineering technician, engineering aides, and a transportation planner. We strive each day to provide a safe and maintained environment for movement of commerce and citizens and visitors of DeKalb for daily motor vehicle travel and for bicycling, walking, and running within public right of ways of DeKalb.
Construction Equipment
We also plan and advocate for transit and area wide transportation projects as the Engineering Department staffs the metropolitan planning organization known as the DeKalb Sycamore Transportation Study (DSATS). We design, bid, and monitor construction of annual street, alley and sidewalk maintenance programs. We are also busy with planning roadway capacity expansion and bridge and traffic signal upgrades for driving efficiency by seeking non-local grant assistance.

We also advise homeowners regarding traffic safety issues and with grading and drainage problems, and provide technical assistance to other city departments and outside agencies. I hope the web links are useful for you to get to know DeKalb and the assistance provided by the Engineering Division.