Fire Prevention Bureau

About the Bureau
The Fire Prevention Bureau of the DeKalb Fire Department has many functions including fire/life safety inspections, sprinkler acceptance testing, sprinkler hydro testing, underground flush, fire hydrant area flow tests, fire alarm acceptance, Suppression system tests, building plan reviews, sprinkler plan reviews, fire alarm plan reviews, site plan reviews,  suppression system plan reviews, hood suppression tests, Management and  maintenance of the Knox Box program, post fire incident assistance, public education presentations, witnessing fire drills, and carbon monoxide incident follow up.  Additionally, Fire Prevention is used during emergency response as a liaison to the grieved to assist in salvage of personal affects, securing the property, referrals to outside assistance agencies, and relocation of the occupant(s).  

Victim Advocate & Liaison Duties
The Fire Prevention Bureau plays the role of victim advocate/liaison during an emergency. The bureau is normally tasked with assisting the victim with relocation and salvage of personal property. The bureau then makes appropriate calls to coordinate board-up services. Board-up is needed to secure the property from further damage or intrusion.