Autumn Home Tips

Summer is slipping by, no, it’s gone. The kids are in school, the nights are getting cooler, and the leaves are changing.  In th emidst of thinking about Halloween costumes and visits to the apple orcharge, try to throw some thought toward that big steel monstrosity that keeps you cozy on the upcoming winter nights.  Your furnace, as well as other items around the house need some attention this time of year.  Here is a checklist of a few items to give just a little attention:

• Change the batteries in the smoke detectors
• Install carbon monoxide detector(s)

It’s the law that carbon monoxide detectors be installed within fifteen feet of every room used for sleeping.  Aside from the law, both carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are early warning devices. 

• Have the furnace serviced
• Replace the furnace filter - A plugged furnace filter can contribute to carbon monoxide spilling into your home.

Have a safe and enjoyable autumn.

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