The best way to keep you and your family safe during any type of emergency is to have a practiced plan for those emergencies. I have written in the past to have plans in place in the event of a fire in your home or business. I also want to emphasize the need for an emergency plan regarding severe weather. Being prepared is the key to survival during any emergency. The following are some things you can do:

  • Discuss the plan with the whole family
  • Know where the safe room is
  • Know where to meet if you get separated
  • Listen to emergency announcements and follow instructions
  • Have a disaster supply kit:
    1. battery powered radio
    2. flashlight(s) with extra batteries
    3. bottled water
    4. quick energy snacks
    5. screw drivers
    6. pliers
    7. bandages
During the storm, be aware – listen to emergency announcements. Seek shelter in an interior room away from windows, preferably in the lowest level of the building. When the storm has passed and the all clear has been issued use extreme caution when assessing the damage. Treat any wire as an energized wire and don’t touch them. These tips are just a few things to remember, for more information please check the Weather Channel and NOAA websites or search “severe weather emergencies” 

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