Fire Department Records

Patient Ambulance Reports

To request a copy of an ambulance report (a/k/a patient care report), the patient or other legally authorized individual should print and complete an Authorization to Release Protected Health Information (PHI) form, which includes instructions for submittal. To ensure patient privacy, DeKalb Fire Department may request verification of the patient's or authorized representative's identity. A valid photo ID or current Power of Attorney documentation may be necessary. For more information, please call 815-748-8460.

Ambulance Billing

Andres Medical Billing Ltd. provides ambulance billing services on behalf of the DeKalb Fire Department. To obtain a copy of an ambulance bill or for questions regarding ambulance billing policies, payments, or health insurance, please call 800-244-2345.

Other Fire Department Records

All other Fire Department records, including but not limited to fire incident reports and fire/life safety inspections, may be requested through the City of DeKalb Freedom of Information Act ("FOIA") portal